Bug ID:  698  Right Shift/Alt/Win/Ctrl key not working as modifier key!    
Created by phil on 2020-06-07 10:10 AM, 334 days ago
Project:  XMBC
Organization:  Development
Category:  bug
Priority:  high
Assigned to:  phil  
Status:  test
Target Release:Next Release
Linked to: 713

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 comment 3920 posted by phil on 2021-03-06 7:25 PM, 62 days ago 

Fixed in 2.20 beta 2

See also bugid#713

 comment 3888 posted by phil on 2020-06-07 10:10 AM, 334 days ago 

This used to work - it no longer workds : See email report frmo Adam Winget below:



RAlt, RShift and Appkey as layer modifiers are no longer working. When I am in the Setup screen, the layer visibly switches when I hit the left side version of the modifiers but it does nothing when I push the right side counterparts. The Appkey is my 3rd layer modifier and instead of the Setup switching layers like it used to it is simply opening the context menu on whatever control has focus. I think it happened in February. I made an AHK script that is fixing the problem for now:


Send {LShift Down}
KeyWait RShift
Send {LShift Up}

Send {Alt Down}
KeyWait RAlt
Send {Alt Up}


However it does not seem to work for the AppsKey and I am unsure if RCtrl is broken too because I do not use Ctrl as a modifier.


Keep up the good work and thank you for doing it! XMBC is awesome. Been a while since I donated, I will do it again soon.