Bug ID:  697  When using chording on left/right button cancel by movement is unreliable    
Created by phil on 2020-05-23 2:11 PM, 79 days ago
Project:  XMBC
Organization:  Development
Category:  bug
Priority:  high
Assigned to:  phil  
Status:  new
Target Release:Next Release

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 comment 3887 posted by phil on 2020-05-23 2:11 PM, 79 days ago 


When XMBC cancels the chord via movement, it is supposed to move the cursoe back the start, hit the button and then move the cursor to where it just was... But if the mouse if moving rapidly, by the time the button is hit, its already moved AGAIN.... This means the button is hit in the wrong place.

Suggest before we move the cursor, we lock X/Y and unlock again afterwards. That should improve matters!


Also when clearing the chord, it changes the cursors without checking if it should bother (leading to it doing it when its turned off - hence a bit more delay)