Bug ID:  140  Translation problem for MFC error messages    
Created by phil on 2012-04-04 1:34 AM, 3408 days ago
Project:  XMBC
Organization:  Development
Category:  bug
Priority:  low
Assigned to:  phil  
Status:  new
Target Release:Next Release

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 comment 3772 posted by phil on 2019-12-03 2:28 PM, 608 days ago 

These windows are MFC (microsoft foundation classes) / C++ runtime windows and not XMBC windows.

To do this would mean either NOT using MFC error messages at all (and making my own for every possible error!!!, or localising MFC (ie. distribuing hundreds of megs of each language of MS DLLs) - both of which is not likely ot happen in XMBC.

 comment 627 posted by phil on 2012-04-04 1:34 AM, 3408 days ago 

Error messages, like "Please enter an integer between x and y" are not localised.